Combustible Cladding

Our specialised combustible cladding replacement services can help commercial building owners achieve regulatory compliance and improve tenant safety.


Airport Construction

Our knowledge and skills encompass all strands of construction, including building works, civil work, and requirements specific to Melbourne Airport.


Strategic Access/Airside & Landside Every Day

Strategic Programming & Operational Certainty

Airport Safety

D & C Capability


Design, Maintenance & Rectification Solutions

With a long history as airport construction and maintenance experts, our knowledge and skills encompass all strands of construction including building works, civil work plus all site requirements and protocols akin to working in a highly regulated environment such as Melbourne Airport. But our expertise extends beyond the airport to cater to commercial businesses from all industries. MAZ brings unparalleled expertise to the recladding works to be undertaken by the Victorian Government and is well placed to add value to any project undertaken. We offer qualified removal and replacement of combustible cladding Melbourne wide for commercial premises seeking safety and compliance.


Trusted Partner in Project Planning & Delivery

We’re proud to have built an excellent reputation over the years for certainty of delivery, service excellence and ease of dealings. This remains the backbone of our business success as we continue to grow in partnership with our clients’ needs. Unwavering levels of safety, certainty and service excellence underpin our long track record of successful project partnerships. Our ability to take the pain out of complex and demanding projects is what continues to set us apart.

MelAir Partnerships

Maintenance Partnerships

Major Tenant Partnerships

Insurance Partnerships

Owners Corp Partenership

JVs & Contract Partnerships

We’re proud of the companies we work with. These are some of the clients we've partnered with on recent projects.