The Airport Construction Specialists

We are a trusted partner of Melbourne Airport having delivered a multitude of mission critical projects.

Our premises adjacent to the Melbourne Jet Base facility gives us direct 24-hour access to airside as well as access to our storage facility and workshops onsite. This presence and track record working at the airport provides us with an intimate working knowledge of both airside and landside operating requirements.

Airport Protocols

D&C Capability

Operational Certainty

Airport Safety

Airside / Landside Every Day

Strategic Access

Strategic Programming

Stakeholders & Environment


Specialist Airport Design, Construction & Maintenance Solutions

As airport construction and maintenance experts our knowledge and skills encompass all strands of construction including building works, civil work and all site requirements and protocols specific to Melbourne Airport.

  • Advisory Services
  • Project Compliance Pathway
  • Design & Planning
  • Protocols & Permits
  • Safety & Systems
  • Security & Stakeholders
  • Operational Continuity
  • Landside / Airside Delivery
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Undercover Storage Building
  • Strategic Sequencing
  • 24/7 Programming
  • Tools & Equipment for Hire
  • RFID Automated Tool Control
  • Completion Management
  • Handovers & Documentation
  • PFAS Management
  • Cultural Heritage & Environment
  • Third Party Contractor Facilitation
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Outside storage & Hardstand Lay Down Area
  • Full onsite Workshop Facilities

Trusted D&C Partner in Project Planning & Delivery

Over the years MAZ Group has built an excellent reputation for certainty of delivery, service excellence and ease of dealings with Melbourne Airport partners. This remains the backbone of our business success as we continue to grow in partnership with our clients’ needs at Melbourne Airport. Our unwavering levels of safety, certainty and service excellence underpin our long track record of successful project partnerships.

MelAir Partnerships

Maintenance Partnerships

Major Tenant Partnerships

Insurance Partnerships

Development Partnerships

JVs & Contract Partnerships

We’re proud of the companies we work with. Here are some of our clients we have partnered with on recent projects.